Searching the ww1 photo archive

The WW1 Photo Archive is divided into six categories: Individuals, Portraits, Groups, Units, Family Groups and Wounded. The distinction between ‘Individual’ and ‘Portrait’ is presentation: full-length figures or portraits. ‘Groups’ comprise two or more individuals, ‘Units’ more than twenty. There is some overlap. Groups and units of nurses are categorised with ‘Wounded’. Photographs may be displayed according to category, or the viewer’s specific search requirements. These may be regimental: ‘Royal Engineers’, generic: ‘nurse’, or non-specific: ‘child’, ‘women’, ‘navy’ etc.

Those individuals who are named are recorded as such, many only with their first name. It is our aim that many more will be named.

Each photograph can be highlighted, and has navigation keys at the bottom.

All the photographs have been cleaned and in some cases cropped, but it is in the nature of old photographs that the quality of the ‘restored’ image will vary significantly. Some are far better than others.

The photographs in the core archive are owned by us; they are not copies. Photographs contributed by others will be noted as such.

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